Striving To Reach Every Talented Child
"Why set limits to what our children can do?"


What is a STRETCh Instructor? educator who is in the process of transforming their practice from a traditional teaching pedagogy to a 24/7 and 365 day/degree learning pedagogy. This is the single most important factor in meeting the needs of ALL children - including those who acquire information quickly and have a passion and interest in specific subjects and/or topics!

Due to our ability to "plug-in" to technology, students are continually learning. They are interactively strategizing with players from multiple countries when playing games in the evening at home. Access to wonderful iPad apps such as BrainPop have them acquiring new skills on car trips to and from soccer practice or on Sunday morning in their PJ's while doing handstands.

In a traditional school setting, our students left us...and for the most part...returned in the fall to pick up where we left off. However, the use and accessibility to technology has caused student learning to become differentiated and unpredictable. They explore their passions and interests, with our without us! It is for this reason that education must make a paradigm shift in how we educate our children.

                Tools a STRETCh instructor must have in their Toolbox!
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Industrialized Model of education needs to go!

Honor each child's unique learning style!

Why we need to change how we educate our children! Not everyone learns the same way! Learning to Code
(computer programming)
Computational Thinking 
If we continue to ask our children to be good at everything (reading, writing, math, science, social studies) and lock them into a learning "box," we will never allow them to explore and expand their strengths to find out what they are truly capable of!Within the confines of a school building and classroom, our children will never be exposed to the plethora of ways that one can learn. We need to redefine everything and acknowledge that learning occurs everywhere and all the time. Focusing on extending learning, thinking and creating is what our schools should be doing!See examples of how we can incorporate computational thinking and computer programming skills throughout the curriculum.

Google Apps in Education
  iPad - What are you using it for?  Google Apps in Education  Learning Targets 
Through the collaborative efforts of Wisconsin teachers and hopefully global contributions, we are providing app reviews and lesson plans.     See how educators can capitalize on these wonderful tools to enhance student learning experiences. An example and rubrics of a student generated Google Literature Trip can be found here! The "I can..." statements that allow students to engage in their own learning; a key element to 21st century instruction!
 Teaching through CompetitionsResearch and Resources: GT 
 ISTE - 
Technology Standards
Incorporating competitions into your curriculum can provide real world experiences with the CCSS. Many organizations have the standards aligned to the requirements of their competitions and will have teacher resources already created.
The following Livebinder has a plethora of research and resources into Gifted & Talented past practice, identification, articles, etc...

In the pursuit of creating a better system, I took a historical look at the we do not continue to repeat our mistakes, but forge forward with a better system!
The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) are the standards for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted worldwide. 
   Spark 101  
Industrial Professionals and Educators working together to get students excited about Science, Technology, 

Engineering, and Math careers. Real-life application of concepts they are currently studying make learning relavant and FUN! 

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