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What is a STRETCh Instructor? An educator who is in the process of transforming their practice from a traditional teachining pedagogy to a 24/7 and 365 day/degree learning pedagogy.

THE QUESTION SHOULD NOT BE: Is my child gifted?

But rather... Are my child's needs being met!

cat Click on the cat to be taken to an example of computer programming projects for elementary/middle school students. Heidi Williams is currently creating activities that are being aligned to the Common Core Standards in math. You can also see student projects that were implemented across the curriculum in a variety of subject areas.

Common Core - Scratch extensions preview

STRETCh & Scratch Club Projects

google Check out the "Googlebration" article published in Fall 2010 of Innovative Learning. The EcoChallenge project (as seen in the video above) was completed by using a variety of Google for Education Apps. http://sigilt.iste.wikispaces.net/file/view/Fall+2010.pdf
wcaty WCATY provides on-line classes for academically talented students across the state of Wisconsin. STRETCh instructor, Heidi Williams currently teaches two courses - "Fractals Through Fairy Tales" and "Summit 2012."

Syllabus for Fractal Class

Syllabus for Summit 2012 Class


Bayside Eighth-graders Prepare for International Spotlight

Click here to read full article from the FoxPoint-Bayside Patch

Click on the ISTE icon to be taken to the video on demand presentation that Bayside Middle School presented at ISTE 2011.



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Who is this STRETCh Instructor?

Heidi Williams

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On-line teaching certificate - UW Madison 2009

Master of Science - Walden Universtiy 2005-2006 GPA 4.0

Mentoring Certificate - Cardinal Stritch University 2008

Adjunct Facutly - Cardinal Stritch University 2010

PDP - IHE Reviewer

Bachelor of Science - University of Wisconsin Platteville 1986-1989 GPA 3.7

Teaching License Informawtion: Wisconsin: https://www2.dpi.wi.gov/lic-tll/search.do?personKey=026691


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Last updated: 03/02/2012